How To: Important Tricks On Microsoft Authenticator App On iOS And Android Phones That Nobody Knows [Part 2]

You will have to verify the login once again before accessing the security options page, in case you haven’t visited the page recently. Under the “App passwords” section, click the Create a new app password link. I was using the Authenticator app on my Windows Phone, but needed something for iPhone to work with SkyDrive. I have a windows phone which has the Microsoft Authenticator App. I can now use that for both Windows Live, and Google. Good as this news is, I can’t help but wish they had enabled yubikey authentication which I currently use.

My suspicion is that this is implemented as a defensive approach, in order to avoid that people get used to always tap Yes and approve everything, perhaps even before realizing what they are doing. The number-choosing method forces the user to be aware of the actual application that is requesting access at this point. It’s to prevent someone that has your password from requesting a 2FA proof for a seperate session at the same time as you’re about to log in. Otherwise all an attacker has to do is try a bunch of times and eventually you’ll just say screw it and hit ‘ok’. These aren’t rolling codes, as far as I can tell. They’re only two digits, and the web site waits for me to pick one on the phone.

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Another use-case I have for FastMail is to send email from my own VPS. I have two VPSs actually and I want them to send emails on important events. FastMail allows me to set a “SMTP only” password. And in case my VPS gets compromised, theoretically at least the attacker will not have access to my email archive. And FastMail’s limits on sending email are pretty relaxed. You can send notification emails from your own VPS without worry.

There are plug-ins for those kind of time-based passcodes and of course you can keep all your recovery codes in there. I use Google Authenticator and it allows you to export your auth tokens so you can keep a secure copy. Most sites that support 2FA also let you generate recovery codes which you should also keep somewhere safe. Multi-platform, supports cloud storage for easy sync and that way you will end up with multiple backup copies across various devices. Yes, you can store the Gauth seed and install it more than once to generate the same number sequence, but storing the seed is a major security problem itself.

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Now, this could mean a number of things, not all of them alarming. Seeing this, freezing up for a moment, I realized I had better spend at least a few minutes examining the security of my Google account. Now, I use the Authenticator app instead, as I do for my Microsoft accounts.

  • This PM tool is definitely not for the average project manager due to its confusing user-interface and expensive pricing structure.
  • We always recommend lying on these questions, then jotting down your response in a password manager like 1Password .
  • From a security and convenience point of view, Microsoft Authenticator is worth its weight in gold – and it’s all the more appealing thanks to the fact that it is free of charge.
  • Notably, Microsoft does not require the user to configure a trusted phone number.
  • This change applies to you if you connect to the University’s VPN service.